Gear pumps

Hydraulic pumps convert the provided mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.
For the right selection of hydraulic pumps there are some important factors to consider:

  • Application
  • Operating fluid (hydraulic oil , HFC fluid , gear oil )
  • Pressure range
  • Speed range in which the pump is operated
  • Installation situation
  • Noise level
  • Price

Hydraulic pumps operate normally on the displacement device, mechanically sealed chambers in the pump are formed. In these chambers the hydraulic fluid is delivered from the pump suction port to the pressure port .

A special design of hydraulic pumps are the so called gear pumps.

Hydromot gear pumps

A gear pump supplies the pumped fluid constantly (apart from the hydrostatically induced pulsation) and can reach (depending on the construction) reach a pressure up to 400 bar. The pressure increases , as in any hydraulic system , through the conveying of the medium against a load . With the increase of the load the pressure increases.

Gear pumps are mainly used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, tractors, hydraulic power units . Gear pumps are also often used as a hydraulic pump for log splitters.


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