About us

Hydromot - Hydraulic Shop

We are one of the leading online suppliers of hydraulic components in Europe. Our focus is the online trading of our hydraulic components such as hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic transmissions, hydraulic hoses and accessories and much more. In our hydraulic shop you will find a large selection of hydraulic components, we have more than 10,000 items in our stock for short-term deliveries. Since the foundation of our company in 2004, we have continuously expanded our hydraulics shop. For us it is very important to have constantly improving of our customer service, because what would we be without you, our long-standing and satisfied customers? Our customers trust us - we trust our customers. This is the base of a good and fruitful business relationship.

Facts and figures:

Founded: 2004
Branch: Hydraulic drive systems, mobile hydraulics
Products: hydraulic motors, hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic control blocks, hydraulic units, hydraulic hoses, hose presses, hydraulic oil coolers.
Customers: Manufacturers of construction machinery, communal engineering, agricultural machinery, conveyor technology, various hydraulic dealers