Overcenter valves - Prevent pulling loads on the hydraulic motor from uncontrolled lowering

Lowering brake valves are non-return valves that can be released and are equipped with damping and throttling devices. The lowering speed is controlled by the volume flow supplied to the opposite side of the consumer.

When pulling trucks have to be held safely and moved in a controlled manner, lowering brake valves are used. The lowering brake valve is preloaded to a higher pressure that corresponds to the highest permissible load. A rigid connection to the consumer is necessary, as these valves are often used as safety valves.
Hose connections are prohibited between the valve and the consumer.

Cable winches, lifting platforms, cranes, etc. are typical applications for lowering brake valves.

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Overcenter Valve for CPMS Hydraulic Motor without brake unclapping port
  • overcenter valve for CPMS hydraulic motor
  • with brake unclapping port
  • max. flow: 50 l/min
  • max. pressure: 300 bar
  • pilot ratio: 1:4,5
  • connections: G 1/2’’
  • pressure setting: 320 bar
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138,36 EUR
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