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Hydraulic connection technology - hydraulic fittings, press fittings, hydraulic hoses


What is the connection technology in hydraulics?

Hydraulic systems depend on precise and reliable connection technology to function properly for a long time. The components must be selected according to the required leakage resistance at the joints and the required corrosion protection. Hydraulic connection technology includes many different elements:

  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Hydraulic tubes
  • Hydraulic fittings
  • Quick couplings
  • We also have machines for hose production (including hydraulic hose presses) under this category. Step by step instructions on how to press a hydraulic hose with our manual hose press can be found here:

What are the requirements for the connection technology?

The components of a hydraulic system can be connected in different ways. These connections must meet various requirements:

  • Flow-favorable design so that they cause as little pressure loss (and thus heat) as possible.
  • Simplest possible manufacture, assembly and maintenance.
  • High compressive strength
  • Absolute tightness
  • Vibration and oscillation resistance

What do you have to consider when assembling hydraulic connection technology?

Proper installation is of utmost importance for smooth operation. Hydraulic connection technology is the Achilles heel of fluid technology. When designing a hydraulic system, the right product must be selected even as you begin the design process. As far as the system is concerned, the connection technology is the only place where leaks can occur. Assembly errors or incorrect component selection are usually responsible for leaks.

Only if the designer knows the specific properties of the bolted joint, such as installation space, assembly and assembly method, can he make a significant contribution to leakage prevention. It is imperative that these significant parameters be considered and investigated during the design process.

In addition, hands-on assembly training is important for work planners and users to learn how to properly assemble fasteners. In this way, the user makes a significant contribution to preventing leaks.

Montage Hydraulische Verbindungstechnik

What can be the causes of leaks in hydraulic connections?

Leckage einer Hydraulikverschraubung

There are very many causes that can lead to a leak in hydraulic connections. We have listed some of them here.

  • Incorrect pre-assembly of cutting rings for tube fittings
  • Frequent staff changes, lack of expertise
  • Incorrectly installed pipe fittings, resulting in leaks that have a negative impact on operational safety
  • Bottle pressing dimensions in the production of hydraulic hoses
  • External thread and thread in the component do not match
  • Hydraulic screw connection not tightened properly

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