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Hydraulic motors- 5 Things you should know

What you should know about Hydraulic motors

Hydraulic motors are like the hands of the human body. They generate torques for various applications. And that’s exactly where the problem lies: in the application. The selection of a hydraulic motor is primarily based on the planned area of application.


What do you want to drive with the hydraulic motor? A winch, perhaps? Or do you want to build a cone splitter? Or are you planning to build a hydraulically driven vehicle?

Before you can choose the appropriate hydraulic motor, you should answer the following questions:

  • What torque is required for the application?
  • What speed should the hydraulic motor reach?
  • Are there any specifications for minimum or maximum speed?
  • What is the oil flow rate of the existing hydraulic system?
  • What hydraulic pressure can be generated by the existing hydraulic pump?
  • What drive power is available?

Were you able to answer all the questions? Then you are a good step closer to choosing the right engine. You can find more information in our article: Drive: Design of hydraulic motors. In our Hydraulics store you are sure to find the right hydraulic motor for your application. If you are not sure which technical data is necessary, then contact us. We will be glad to help you.

What are the types of hydraulic motors?

The simple answer is: There are a variety of diffrent ones, just like with cars.
Instead of diesel, petrol, electric and hybrid drives, there are (external) gear motors, gerotor motors (also known as oil motors or orbital motors) and vane motors. In addition, there are axial piston engines in bent axis and swash plate design and radial piston engines .

Hydraulikmotor Axialkolbenmotor in Schrägachsenbauweise
Axial piston motor inclined axis

Which hydraulic motor is suitable for which application?

It’s like a grill: do I want a charcoal grill to get a smoky flavor from my grilled food? Or rather a gas grill because it is more comfortable? Making the right decision depends on the application. There is some overlap, so it is difficult to differentiate clearly.

Agear motor is often found in hydraulic oil cooler fan drives. The orbital motor is used in a wide variety of applications in construction machinery, agricultural machinery and municipal machinery. Vane motors are often seen in plastic injection molding machines and winch drives. Axial piston motors can be found in many hydraulic travel drives, often in conjunction with a planetary gear. Radial piston motors are used, among other things, in hydraulic wheel drives and also plastic injection molding machines.

Kehrmaschine mit Hydraulikmotor
Kehrmaschine mit Hydraulikmotor

Are hydraulic motors from different manufacturers interchangeable?

The answer is: it depends. A bar of chocolate may look the same from the packaging, but you only see what’s inside when you open the package. A 1:1 exchange is therefore difficult.

  • The easiest way is to replace gerotor motors or oil motors. Many series are identical in terms of the mounting flange, oil connections and output shafts.
  • For gear motors, the replacement of different manufacturers is also relatively simple. However, here too the devil is in the details. Even though gear motors from different suppliers may appear similar on the outside, there can be serious differences in performance, compressive strength and efficiency.
  • Vane motors are not as prevalent today, but there are some manufacturers there as well. Who is interchangeable with whom we cannot say. To be perfectly honest, vane motors are not really our forte. Nevertheless, we have tried to capture the advantages and disadvantages.
  • When it comes to axial piston engines , there are clear top dogs that are not so easily interchangeable. Danfoss, Bosch Rexroth and Linde are the Mercedes, BMW and Audi of axial piston motors. But: in many areas, a VW is also sufficient. And that’s where we can help.
  • Radial piston motors are also not very easy to interchange. This requires a certain amount of specialized knowledge. For example, are you looking for a replacement to Poclain hydraulic motors? Or can we help you find an alternative to an SAI radial piston engine? In many cases, there is a solution and, as we all know, it costs nothing to ask. So get to the keys and write to us. Or just give us a call.

How can I recognize good quality hydraulic motors?

For us, performance data such as volumetric efficiency, peak power in continuous operation, power data and, above all, quality are not Spanish villages. We have been in hydraulics for 18 years. We know what our customers need. Poor quality, declining performance, poor service…no one can afford that today. No matter whether manufacturer or dealer.

Als Händler haben wir Zugriff auf verschiedene Quellen. We have the luxury to deliver the product with the best price-performance ratio for our customers.

Of course, our hydraulic motors are also subject to strict quality criteria. These are defined by us and the products are tested according to them. This is how we guarantee consistent quality.

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