Hydraulic Motors - Small but powerful

Like the human hand, the hydraulic motor generates torque. The power of a hydraulic motor is, of course, many times greater. Not only screws can be tightened or bottles opened. A hydraulic motor has many tasks and generates much greater torque than the human hand.

Whether gerotor, axial or radial piston motors, torques of up to 70,000 Nm are possible. And that without additional reduction gearing.
A comparison: An AC electric motor with 5 KW power has a diameter of approx. 250 mm and weighs 39 kg.
A hydraulic motor (e.g. CPM36CD) with the same output measures only 91 mm in diameter and weighs only 5.6 kg. Fascinating, isn't it?

At Hydromot you buy hydraulic motors in manufacturer quality. Our motors are used by leading machine manufacturers. This speaks for high quality standards.
No matter for which application you need a hydraulic motor, we will find a solution. For example, you want to drive a cable winch? No problem. Or perhaps you want to drive a vehicle hydraulically. We have a solution for that too. If you have any questions about hydraulic motors, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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Or you can visit our FAQ's. Here we already answer many questions about hydraulic motors.

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Hydraulic motor - Frequently Asked Questions

Where are hydraulic motors used?

Hydraulic motors are used in various applications. Hydraulic motors can be found wherever a rotary drive is needed. Applications include plastic injection moulding machines, sweeping machines, wheel drives of construction machines, conveyor belt drives, tunnel boring machines, cable winches and many more.

What types of hydraulic motors are available?

There are many different types of hydraulic motors. A distinction is made between axial piston motors, radial piston motors, gear motors, vane motors and gerotor motors.

What torque can a hydraulic motor deliver?

The torque that a hydraulic motor can deliver depends on its absorption volume and the pressure difference (= inlet pressure minus outlet or return pressure). Slow-running hydraulic motors are designed in such a way that they can deliver a high torque even at low speeds.

What output power is possible with a hydraulic motor?

The output power of a hydraulic motor depends on the volume flow and the pressure difference. The power is directly proportional to the speed, so high-speed motors are well suited for applications with high power requirements.

What criteria are used to select hydraulic motors?

The selection of the type of motor used depends on the required drive speed or the torque requirement. It is also important to consider whether the hydraulic motor is to be used in an open or closed hydraulic circuit.

Can the speed of a hydraulic motor be adjusted?

Some hydraulic motors (e.g. axial piston motors and radial piston motors) are adjustable, there the speed of the motor can be set directly. For other hydraulic motors, the use of additional hydraulic valves is necessary (e.g. flow control valves).

Further information, e.g. on the calculation of hydraulic motors, can be found in our Guide book.