Power packs

A hydraulic power unit is an assembly consisting of a drive motor (e.g., electric), a hydraulic pump and a tank. The drive motor is connected via a shaft to the hydraulic pump and drives it. Our hydraulic power packs are assembled in our factory. The hydraulic cocomponents for the assembly of our hydraulic power units come from European production in order to ensure constant quality.

RTX Nimble Remote Control Unit (2 functions) for power packs, 12V
Remote control unit for hydraulic power packs consisting of:

Data receiver:
  • Number of outputs: 2
  • Frequency bands: ISM 868/915 MHz
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Nominal supply 12/24VDC (10 - 30 VDC permitted)
  • Number of controls: 2
  • Battery supply by 2 batteries type AAA 1, 5V
  • Range in open field: 100 - 150 m
  • Silicone rubber keyboard (protection class IP67)
352,79 EUR
incl. 17% tax excl. Shipping costs
Hydraulic Power Pack, 3 kW, 8 liter oil reservoir square (steel), 4.8 ccm/REV gear pump, basic version
Hydraulic power pack with the following features:
  • Electrical motor selectable: 3 kW, 50 Hz, 400 Volt
  • Gear pump with 4.8 ccm/REV (equal about 6.3 l/min) 
  • Max. working pressure: PRV adjusted to 170 bar
  • Hydraulic reservoir square (steel reservoir) 8 liter with return filter
  • Horizontal assembly
  • Suction filter 0-17 l/min
  • With pressure gauge 0-250 bar
  • Connection "X" and "Y" plugged
  • Without control unit (valves)
  • P and T connection: G 1/4"
1.150,59 EUR
incl. 17% tax excl. Shipping costs
Steel hydraulic oil tank, with return filter, drain tap and level indicator, 40 litre capacity, oil tank, oil reservoir, unit tank
  • Hydraulic oil tank with 40 litre capacity
  • Return line filter 10 µm, connection 3/4" internal thread, return oil quantity max. 72l/min
  • drain tap
  • integrated filling level indicator
315,09 EUR
incl. 17% tax excl. Shipping costs
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