PTO Cast iron pumps

Are you looking for a PTO pump or a hydraulic pump with PTO connection? Then your search has come to an end here. Our PTO pumps are made of sturdy cast iron and are suitable for maximum operating pressures of up to 280 bar (depending on the displacement). The maximum possible displacement is 120 cm³/rev). The speed range of these PTO pumps is a minimum of 500 rpm and a maximum of 2000 rpm in continuous operation. The maximum speed depends on the size of the cast iron pump. For the output shaft, you have the choice between a stub shaft, hollow shaft with snap ring or SAE 6B profile.

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What is the difference between a cast iron PTO pump and a gear pump?

A cast-iron pump is, as the name suggests, made of cast iron. Our PTO pumps consist of 2 housing halves. Due to the stable cast housing, high operating pressures with large displacement volumes are possible. In comparison, the housing of a conventional gear pump is usually made of aluminium. The housing is in three parts and consists of a front or end cover made of cast iron. Some manufacturers also use cast-iron casing covers. A conventional gear pump is less pressure-resistant than a cast-iron PTO pump for large displacement volumes.

Where is a PTO pump used?

A PTO pump is used in various hydraulic applications. One possible application is, for example, supplying the hydraulics for a log splitter. Here, the PTO gearbox with an attached gear pump can be replaced by the PTO pump. The more compact design of the cast-iron pump allows a more space-saving construction in your application.

Which hydraulic oil can I use with a PTO pump?

Using the right hydraulic oil plays a big role in hydraulics. The most common hydraulic oil is HLP46, this is available from various manufacturers. Any common hydraulic oil is suitable for a PTO pump, even biological hydraulic oils can be used. However, the manufacturer's instructions must be observed, as some biological oils can damage the seals of the PTO pump.