Hydraulic gearbox - For speed and torque adjustment

As in a car, gearboxes in hydraulics are used to increase torque or speed. In a reduction gear, the speed is reduced and the torque is increased. In hydraulics, you will mainly find planetary gears (also as wheel hub gears in mobile machines), spur gears and bevel gears.

If you want to buy a hydraulic gearbox, our hydraulics shop is the right place for you. You will find reduction gears for hydraulic motors (scraper floor gears) as well as power take-off gears for hydraulic pumps. No matter which gearbox version you need, please contact us, we will help you. 

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Or you can visit our FAQ's. Here we already answer many questions about hydraulic gear boxes.

Top Seller

Fixing plate / welding plate for P.T.O. gear box group 2 and group 3
  • Fixing plate for P.T.O gear box group 2 and group 3
  • Sigot diameter: 82,5 mm
  • Fixing hole diameter: 110 mm
  • Dimensions: 300 x 150 x 8,5 mm
22,37 EUR
  • Gearbox with PTO
  • PTO stub 1 3/8''
  • Gear ratio: 1:3,8
  • Size: Assembly 2
  • Stage 1 -- 22,5cc = 350rpm = 29,9L/min, 540rpm = 46,1L/min (connections: suction side 1", discharge side 3/4")
  • Stage 2 -- 11,3cc = 350rpm = 15L/min, 540rpm = 23,1L/min (connections: suction 3/4", discharge 1/2")
  • Stage 3 -- 03,2cc = 350rpm = 4,2L/min , 540rpm = 6,5L/min (connections: suction side 1/2", discharge side 3/8")
336,09 EUR
incl. 17% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Hydraulic gear boxes - Frequently Asked Questions

Which hydraulic gearboxes can you buy in the Hydromot Hydraulics Shop?

In our shop you will find scraper floor gearboxes (reduction gearboxes) for use with a hydraulic motor and PTO gearboxes for hydraulic pumps. We currently do not have planetary gearboxes in the hydraulic shop. We will be happy to help you with the procurement of planetary gearboxes.

Which hydraulic transmission is suitable for which application?

Scraper floor transmissions are often used to convert mechanically driven scraper floor drives to hydraulic drives. Power take-off transmissions are used for tractor attachments, such as log splitters, circular saws, etc.

What material are hydraulic gearboxes made of?

Planetary and scraper floor gearboxes consist of a cast housing and gears made of hardened steel. PTO gearboxes usually consist of a sturdy aluminium housing, the gears are made of steel. As a special design, PTO gearboxes are also available with a cast housing


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