About us

Our mission - Europe's largest online hydraulics dealer

When we started in 2004, we set ourselves the goal of becoming the largest online dealer for hydraulics in Europe. As we all know, you should set yourself high goals. Maybe after almost 20 years we haven't quite reached our goal yet. But we can proudly say that the Hydromot brand has established itself in the hydraulics market. We are known as a supplier of hydraulic components with favourable prices and top quality. Our claim is to convey online what was otherwise only done offline. This includes detailed product descriptions, our hydraulics guide with technical information and the creation of video tutorials.

Hydromot stock picture for hydraulic motors
Our stock for hydraulic motors

Our mission is not over yet

We continue to work hard on our mission and we will not lose sight of our goal. We are always opening up new sales channels and continuously expanding our hydraulics shop. We try to offer our customers even greater benefits. Our latest achievement, for example, is our hydraulic hose configurator.  
On our way, we do not let crises throw us off track. Of course, setbacks or crises are part of our business. The global financial crisis in 2009 hit us hard and almost cost us our existence. It took us 5 years to turn the proverbial switch and reorganise our company. We saw the crisis at that time as an opportunity and concentrated fully on the topic of online trade. We have known, and not just since Corona, that this is where the future of retail lies.

Our location - Luxembourg

Our company is located in Luxembourg in beautiful Rosport on the Sûre River between Wasserbillig and Echternach. And no, for us the location in Luxembourg has nothing to do with a "tax saving model". We are not a large corporation with hundreds of lawyers who do nothing but save taxes. We are based in Luxembourg because France is a target market alongside German and English-speaking countries. And Luxembourg has both German and French as national languages. C'est très bien pur nous.

Rosport aerial view
 Rosport aerial view

Personal contact is important to us

Yes, we are an online retailer. But that doesn't mean that you only communicate with chatbots. We have people working for us who enjoy customer contact. We take great pains to describe our products in detail. Hydraulics is complex and often requires explanation. That's why we are also available to answer your questions about hydraulics in person.   

Our team

We are now a team of 7 people.  

Hydromot Teambild
Our team is always there for you. Not in the picture: Christian B.