Positioning controls

Various positioning modules from simple modules for analogue sensors to axis control with fieldbus coupling. Particularly noteworthy are the POS-323-P and the UHC-126-U-*.

• Digital positioning unit
• Printed circuit board in IP-65 housing
• Integrierte Leistungsstufe bis zu 2,6 A
• Integrated power stage up to 2.6 A
• Additional outputs (0... 10 V / 4... 20 mA)
• Analogue position and speed inputs
• Analogue feedback sensors
• Simple and intuitive scaling of the sensor
• Optional: start-up assistant for fast and simple adjusting of the control parameter
• Motion command values in mm resp. mm/s
• Internal profile definition by acceleration, velocity and deceleration
• Principle of stroke-dependent deceleration for fast and robust positioning
• NC profile generator for constant speed  
• Expanded closed loop control technology
• Highest positioning accuracy by using the drift compensation
• Usable with overlapped proportional valves and with zero lapped control valves
• Fault diagnosis and extended function checking
• Simplified parameterization with WPC-300 software 
1.116,75 EUR
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