Connection technology - connection of hydraulic components in hydraulic systems

Connection technology is a very extensive area in hydraulics. It is the link between the individual hydraulic consumers, valves and the drive unit. The connecting elements include, among other things, the hydraulic hoses, either ready-made or the corresponding individual components. Or would you prefer to use hydraulic tubing? You will also find what you are looking for here. Furthermore, the connection technology includes hydraulic fittings in various versions. Our mobile hydraulic hose presses are a special treat. Whether manually or pneumatically operated, you will find what you are looking for here. 

Therefore, when buying connection technology for hydraulics, make sure you choose the right product for your application. Avoid your hydraulic system leaking due to the wrong choice of components. Rely on connection technology from Hydromot. With us you will find hydraulic connection technology for simple, demanding and high-end applications.
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Top Seller

Product image Crimping Machine for Hydraulic Hose HMSPW
  • crimping force 1400 kN
  • max hose size 1‘‘ 4SH/4SP, 1 1/4'‘ 2SN, 1 1/2" 1SN
  • crimping range 6 mm – 61 mm
  • micrometer adjustment
  • designed for workshops
  • die sets not included
  • quick change tool on request
  • rack on request
4.501,84 EUR
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