Shock valves

Shock valves in hydraulics are valves used to regulate and limit the operating pressure in a hydraulic system. They are usually placed at points in the system where the pressure could be particularly high, for example near hydraulic cylinders.

A shock valve consists of a housing, usually made of metal, and a valve mechanism that is inserted into the housing. The valve consists of a spool that is controlled by a control pressure and a mechanism that ensures that the valve is opened or closed.

When the pressure in the hydraulic system exceeds a preset value, the shock valve opens and discharges oil from the system to reduce the pressure. When the pressure in the system falls back below the preset value, the shock valve closes again and cuts off the oil flow.

Shock valves for hydraulic motors are used to limit and regulate the pressure in the hydraulic system, preventing the pressure from becoming too high and causing damage to the hydraulic motor. They are an important part of any hydraulic system and help to improve the performance and reliability of the system.

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