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Manual hydraulic hose press

    Manuelle Hydraulikschlauchpresse

    How to press a hydraulic hose with a manual hydraulic hose press?

    In our video you will also find step by step instructions

    In 7 steps to the finished hydraulic hose

    Determine pressing dimension

    Decoration image press dimension determine

    First, select the hose to be pressed and determine the corresponding pressing dimension. To do this, use the manufacturer’s instructions for the corresponding press fitting.

    Select press jaw set

    Select Press Jaws Decoration Image

    The second step is the selection of the appropriate press jaw set. The correct size can be found on one of the front sides of the corresponding jaw set.

    Assemble jaw set

    Mount deco image jaw set

    Then the press jaw set is mounted. To do this, open the manual tube press completely and mount the individual press jaws so that the lettering faces forward. The individual jaws are screwed tight with an Allen key

    Preassemble hose fittings

    Decoration picture hose fitting preassemble

    Now pre-assemble the hydraulic hose fittings together with the press sleeve on both sides. We use a small press to press the fitting into the hose.

    Set pressing dimension

    Set deco image press dimension

    Set the correct pressing dimension on the micrometer screw. For information on setting the correct pressing dimension, see another video.

    Press hydraulic hose

    Decoration picture hydraulic hose press

    Insert the pre-assembled hydraulic hose as shown in the video. Then pump using the hand lever of the manual hydraulic pump until the red control lamp lights up. This can take time and is exhausting. Perform the same procedure for the second hose fitting.

    Check pressing dimension

    Check deco image press dimension

    Check the pressing dimension of the hose using a caliper gauge. You can find more information about this in another video (link see below)

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