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Hydraulic power units - central supply unit of every hydraulic system


How is a hydraulic power unit constructed?

Hydraulic power packs are independent assemblies. This combines the components for the controlled provision of hydraulic energy.

Hydraulic power units are used for oil supply and hydraulic control of consumers. A hydraulic system is usually constructed as follows:

Conversion of mechanical drive into hydraulic drive via a hydraulic pump

A basic hydraulic power unit consists of:

  • A drive unit (e.g. electric motor, gasoline or diesel engine, PTO shaft or PTO transmission)
  • A hydraulic pump (e.g. gear pump, axial piston pump, vane pump)
  • A hydraulic tank

A distinction is made between various designs of hydraulic power units:

  • Compact aggregates
  • Standard aggregates
  • Bottom oil units
Hydromot Hydraulikaggregat kompakte Bauweise

The drive unit is connected to and drives the hydraulic pump via a coupling. In compact power packs, the central flange is located between the drive motor, the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic tank. This flange serves, among other things, as a link between the drive unit, hydraulic pump and hydraulic tank, and to accommodate the hydraulic valves.

Standard components and modular assemblies offer the possibility to build different variants based on the requirements. These modular assemblies make it possible to realize an optimal constructive solution. This also ensures high operational reliability, low energy consumption and a long service life of the hydraulic power unit

When designing hydraulic power units, it must be ensured that the required hydraulic power does not exceed the drive power of the drive unit.

Where are hydraulic power packs used?

Typical applications for hydro units are stationary plants in mechanical engineering. These include, for example, steel and hydraulic engineering and metallurgical engineering. Other applications include, for example, the plastics processing industry, as well as in lifting and hoisting equipment and in presses.

In mobile hydraulics, small power units are used, mainly with electric motor drive. Possible applications include the operation of tail lifts or hydrostatic fan drives.

For large energy conversions, the hydraulic pump is driven directly by an internal combustion engine. The other components (e.g. tank or hydraulic valves) are not combined as a unit but distributed according to the available space.

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